Fuel Station Wastewater Treatment Units (Petro-clear)Fuel-Station-Wastewater-Treatment-Units

These units are designed and manufactured to fulfill the need for treating wastewater in fuel stations. They meet the requirements for ecological management of fuel stations and protection of sanitary drainage networks, central treatment plants, waterways and the surrounding environment from the risk of pollution with untreated liquids.

Capabilities and features of Petro-clear units

Petro-clear units belong to the compact treatment unit series that require a minimum of space and are compatible with land limitations.

These units require an area of only 2 x3 m and are easy to operate and maintain by the manpower normally employed in fuel stations.

The capacity of Petro-clear units ranges from 1 to 5 m3/hr.

Main components of the system:

-          Waste liquid collection units.

-          A hydro cyclone for separating dust and other materials carried by wastewater.

-          A chemical preparation unit.

-          Oil & lubricant separation units.

-          Filtration units.

-          An automatic control system compatible with industrial safety regulations for fuel stations.

Petro-clear units achieve the following:

-          Complete removal of oil & lubricants.

-          Removal of dust and other suspended materials carried by wastewater.

-          Recycling of retrieved materials and treated water.

-          Excellent economics for its limited use of energy and materials.


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