Sewage Water Treatment PlantsSewage-water-treatment-plants

These plants have been designed and manufactured with multiple capacities ranging from 5to150.000 m3/day to suit all residential communities and villages of different populations. Plant design is also customized on a case-by-case basis.

 • Plants with different capacities have been produced and installed all over Egypt.

 • Wastewater treatment includes some of the following stages:

- Preparatory treatment (primary).

- Preliminary treatment.

- Secondary treatment (biological).

- Tertiary treatment (advanced).

- Chemical treatment (sterilization).

- Sludge treatment.

 • Treatment methods are selected according to the required degree of treatment.

 • The following secondary (biological) treatment systems are used in designing and manufacturing treatment plants:

- Activated Sludge Treatment.

- Extended Aeration.

- Successive Bomb Repulsion (SBR).

- Revolving Biological Discs (RBC).

 • The latest world technologies are used in these plants after adaptation to environmental requirements in Egypt. These technologies include extended aeration in oxidation pools, treatment by using revolving discs, as these technologies and systems allow maximum reaction of solid waste with the biological materials and bacteria founded in liquid waste during aeration.

 • Excess solid waste is dried in special pools or treated by compression and heat for use as dry fertilizer.


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