Surface Water Purification PlantsWater Purification

These plants are designed to produce potable water from surface sources according to World Health Organization standards.

  • Plants can be container-packed for easy transportation and installation.
  • Water purification from surface sources comprises the following stages:Purification unit capacity ranges from 5 m3/day to 11,000 m3/day.
    • Pumping in and primary sedimentation.
    • Flocculation with aluminum sulfate (alum) and final sedimentation.
    • Filtration through sand filters.
    • Sterilization and chlorine injection.
    • Pumping into the potable water network.
  • Plants use alternating current 220/380V.


  • High capability for purification & sterilization of surface water (Subterranean / River).
  • Produced potable water of high quality that corresponds to WHO specications.
  • Low rate of electricity consumption.
  • Controlled by a central computer to facilitate operation, maintenance and troubleshooting.


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