Signing a Protocol of Cooperation between the AOI and Damanhour University


Cairo: Monday 30.04.2018
Lt. Gen. Seif-Eldin and the President of the Damanhour University asserted the importance of supporting all projects of societal services after a signature of a protocol of cooperation between the AOI represented in the Arab British Dynamics Company (ABD), one of the AOI’s affiliates, and Damanhour University.
This protocol outlines the working method between the two sides, especially that the fields of cooperation are varied and extended for 2 years. It is scheduled to set up a university hospital
“We are working to provide a high-quality product according to international standards with small profit margin and at a suitable price for diverse society sectors in addition to after sales service under the framework of political leadership and its keenness to provide best services to all citizens,” Seif-Eldin said.
At this regard, Seif-Eldin announced the AOI’s new product to contribute in rationalizing water consumption by 90%. It includes a water saving unit of several types through a spray system which suits our homes, institutions, companies, and places of worship.
The President of the University Dr. Abaid Abdul-Ati Saleh praised the AOI’s products for their quality and timeliness and after sales service and this is what we need in laboratories and university facilities. Saleh was impressed by the AOI’s water-saving product.
On the sidelines of the Protocol, Lt. Gen. Seif-Eldin said that many regions of the world are approaching the problem of water scarcity which requires speed in the search of the appropriate solutions.

approve userHuman Resources

More than 15000 qualified Technicians and Engineers in all engineering fields, also AOI has its own institute and training centers to follow on the training.


AOI has several certified laboratories which support the technical work and reach the maximum standard outputs.


These capabilities make AOI keep looking forward for the new generations in all industry fields such as Aircraft, Engines and even the newable energy industries. 

hospitalMedical Insurance

All employee in AOI have all benefit of social services and Helth and Medical Insurance.