Spare Parts


Iron & Steel Companies

Reels/production-line molds/single & double chains/wheel leaners/ bending rollers/connection shas/dierent cutters.

Cairo Transportation Authority (CTA)

Gears/drive shas/transmission connections/wheel axles.

Electricity Companies

Flame nozzles for combustion chambers/shas with 150 mm diameter and 2,000 mm length/exible connections and couplings/major repair and overhaul of chambers at generating plants.

Macaroni Companies


Sugar Companies

Gears/drive shas/turbine overhaul and repair/turbine blades.

Eastern Tobacco Company

Gears/drive shas/cutters/rolls/tongs/molds.

Textile & Weaving Companies

Rollers/ Spindle rings / Combs.


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