Gas Taps


Used for controlling the gas ow in household cookers and similar
appliances at a maximum power of 3,000 kilocalories. Various types
are produced according to the method of installation and usage (single, dual).

General Description:

Manually-operated taps that are manufactured according to Egyptian standard 164/1988.

Components and materials:

- Body, driving column and adjustment pin: brass.
- Flange: alloy )aluminium – zinc(.
- Spring: zinc-plated steel.


• Nominal diameter: 6 mm.
• Maximum working pressure: 50 milli-bar.
• Maximum working temperature: 125 °C.
• Minimum working temperature: - 20 °C.
• Maximum ow rate: 1,180 l/hr at 6 milli-bar.
• Minimum nozzle ow rate: 320 l/hr at 6 milli-bar.
• Utilized gas: Natural gas, butane, LPG

Household Gas Connectors (T&Y Shaped)

• Used for connecting home-feeding pipes to natural gas networks.
• Are mannufactured according to Egyptian standard 6297/2007
and British standard GIS/PL3.


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