Solar Energy


AOI has erected the rst plant in Egypt for generating electricity with photovoltaic modules in a 600 KW solar energy station that is hooked up to the city power grid.

The station comprises the following components:

• 2,250 photovoltaic cells mounted on stationary metal structures with a total output of 500 KW. e metal structures and infrastructure
for the station were implemented by AOI.
• 432 photovoltaic modules mounted on 8 double-axis metal structures that track the movement of the sun. is design aords eciency that is about 40 % higher than that oered by stationary modules.

The station has the equipment required for connection to the national power grid, including inverter, power transformers and an electronic monitoring system for monitoring station eciency and breakdowns.

Projects that can be implemented by AOI using photovoltaic modules:

• High-capacity solar power stations (1.5 -20 MW)
• Solar power stand alone stations (5 - 400 KW) for supplying electricity to homes, factories, hospitals and tourist villages in remote areas.
• Submersible pumps for drawing sea & well water in remote areas.
• Seawater desalination plants.
• PV modules for decorating the facades of corporate buildings and hotels while supplying them with electricity.
• Lighting units with self-cleaning systems can be used in tourist villages and factories and along highways.
• AOI designs, supplies, installs, operates and maintains all the civil mechanical and electrical work of solar energy plants.


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