Wind Turbines


the Arab Organization for Industrialization began to venture into the field of new and renewable energy in 2006. e rst step was to refine the skills of engineering sta through the implementation of several research projects in the elds of designing the main components of wind turbines and designing and implementing 20 KW wind turbines that can work interchangeably with diesel units within a hybrid system to maintain constant electrical supply.

Another project is a technology-transfer endeavor for acquiring the know-how of modern large wind turbines of 1.5 MW power.

Design and implementation of control and inverter units of the 20 KW wind turbine

This eort includes the design and manufacture of 3 wind turbines of 20-KW capacity to serve remote areas where there is no grid or in
places where a grid exists but with inconsistent performance, making it dicult to rely on it as a source of constant supply.


• Horizontal axis with 3 blades.
• Blade length : 6 m.
• Tower height :18 m.
• Cut-in wind speed : 3 m/sec.
• Cut-out wind speed :25 m/sec.
• Rated wind speed : 12 m/sec.
• Maximum rotational speed: 90 rpm.
• Power generated : 20 KW at stall control


High-capacity 1.5 MW Wind Turbines

An agreement was signed with the German company Vensys on 25 June, 2010 for the transfer of know-how in three phases. It provides for establishing a new and renewable energy company and a factory for the production of turbines in which locally-manufactured components will represent up to 80%. At least 40 turbines will be produced in the early stages. Construction of the factory will be completed in 2013.

The company’s activities:

• Production of high-capacity wind turbines )1.5 MW( with a maximum capacity of 100 turbines per year and locally- manufactured components representing up to 80%.
• Design, construction and operation of wind farms, where AOI plans for the establishment of nine wind farms containing about 50 turbines produced by AOI. AOI seeks to establish a partnership with local or international investors to execute this project.


 Rated power 1500 KW 
 Cut-in wind speed  3 m/sec
 Rated wind speed  11 m/sec
Cut-out wind speed 25 m/sec
Diameter 77 m
Swept area 4657 m2
Tower and Foundation  
Hub height 70 m
Design three sections
Foundation type Floating foundation
Control and Safety Systems  
Control of output Pitch
Speed control Variable, microprocessor-controlled speed
Primary brake system Individual blade pitch control for each blade
Remote control

Dial-up connection, visualization via

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