Clean Combustion Systems


Domestic & Industrial Fields

Gas and oil burners with thermal capacities from 40 KW to 5 MW


• Bakeries : (whole wheat, French bread, white bread, pastries ).
• Heating : (drying, toasting, pasteurization).
• All types of furnaces: (smelters, glass factories, ceramic factories, brick kilns).
• Boilers :up to 50 tons of steam per hour.

Brick Kiln Combustion Systems

Made of 2 racks and complies with all safety standards and has automatic ignition.

Advantages of the system:

• Reduces gas & electricity consumption considerably.
• Increases the volume and improves the quality of production.
• Decreases waste and reduces the percentage of defective products.
• Complies with environmental-protection regulations in terms of harmful emissions.


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