Equipment for Recycling Agricultural Waste into Organic Fertilizer


Kader-Benz Agricultural Shredder:

• is shredder is capable of shredding all types of agricultural waste, both dry and moist. It is successfully used in shredding rice straw with high rates, as well as banana trees, without squeezing the water out of the waste. It is also used in shredding the waste resultant from trimming trees.
• e shredding technique depends on shearing and hammering at high speeds, which results in shredding various types of waste effectively.
• e machine is equipped with metal feeding belts, one horizontal and one inclined that is raised upwards according to the quantity of the input of waste to be shredded. In case of overload, either on the shredding cylinder or the inclined belt, the movement of the feeding belts is reversed automatically till the inclined belt returns to its original level.
• e machine is equipped with a delivery conveyor or a delivery arm, depending on the type of material to be shredded.

Kader-Backhaus Turning Machine:

• is machine is used in turning and moisturizing the waste mix to increase its aerobic bacteria content through oxygen, nitrogen and water, so as to boost the aerobic decomposition process while prohibiting the activity of anaerobic bacteria.
• e aerobic bacteria decomposes the organic material into organic carbon )dobal( and nitrogen. is reaction leads to an increase in the mixture’s temperature up to 70 °C, which helps to kill nematode and harmful seeds and fungi.

Kader-Terra Select Rotary Screening Machine:

• is machine is eective in screening compost with a 30% moisture content at very high rates.
• It is equipped with a shredding cylinder that has closely-placed square feeding holes, as well as a brush that removes any materials that adhere to the feeding holes.
• e machine is powered by a water-cooled diesel engine and is equipped with feeding and delivery conveyers. It is also mounted on a wheeled chassis for easy movement.


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