Fiberglass Seats



Uncovered stadiums and sporting clubs/covered halls/airports/ cinemas and theatres/public waiting places ) banks/hospitals/airports ( / Metro stations etc.

Raw material

Polyester resin reinforced with berglass made from sheet Moulding Compound )S.M.C(.

Method of manufacture:

• Seats are formed in moulds made with high accuracy to give the required specications in terms of dimensions, surface shape and smoothness.
• Seats are manufactured using pressing machines under specic pressure and temperature to give the seats the required mechanical properties in accordance with international specications.


• High mechanical properties that comply with international standard spcications.
• Available in various xed colors according to the international color system )RAL(.
• Strong xing points reinforced with metal nuts for easy installation and dismantling.
• Resistant to weather conditions, sun and ultraviolet rays and chemicals.
• Seats are not aected by high temperatures and are re-resistant, as burning seats are self-extinguished in 10 seconds according to American UL/94 VO standards.

Main Customers:

• Borg Al -Arab Stadium )84,000 seats (.
• Military Academy, Ismailia, Alexandria, Mansoura and Port Said stadiums.
• Cairo Stadium Covered Hall )32,000 seats(.
• Armed Forces’ Open-air eater in Ismailia.
• e National Circus in Giza.


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