Huge Electronic Screens


1 . Highway screens for displaying trac and weather data:

- Speed limits.
- Trac status (congestions – maintenance work – accidents...etc).
- Weather status (temperature – relative humidity – wind speed and direction....etc).
- Time and date.

2 . Stadium & covered court screens:

Displaying of game results in dierent sports, (football - basketball - handball - volleyball....etc).

3 .Outdoor & indoor message screens )bi-color/matrix( for displaying messages such as:

Industrial companies, Stock Exchange, police stations etc.

4 .Outdoor & indoor large video screens:

For displaying advertisements for companies, hotels, restaurants and malls.


- Integrated display system (screen + control room + diversity of transmission systems ) .
- Clear picture at any distance, day and night ( light intensity greater than 6,500 candles/m2).
- Possibility of signal supply from dierent outputs )PC/VCR/DVD(.
- Possibility of manufacturing dierent areas with the same ratio of width and height for various applications (video by aspect ratio 3 : 4 or 9 : 16).
- Possibility of vertical or horizontal split-screen or in both directions to display advertisements and various media .


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