Outfitting of Vehicles for Medical Purposes



• Ambulances are equipped with the latest and most sophisticated medical devices.
• e distribution of medical equipment within the vehicle is intended for easy use coupled with patient comfort.
• Interior ttings are of the highest level of precision.

Vaccine and Serum Transportation Vehicles:

these vehicles are designed for transporting vaccines and serums
safely to medical and health departments in compliance with health
and environment-protection rules.

Hazardous Medical Waste Transportation Vehicles:

• these vehicles are used to transport hazardous medical waste from hospitals.
• they are designed according to the health and environment-protection regulations of the Ministry of Health.

Examination and Counseling Vehicles:

these vehicle-mounted centers oer the following services:
• Medical examination.
• All types of laboratory tests, with quick delivery of results.
• Health and medical counseling.

Mobile Clinics:

Vehicles are outtted as mobile medical clinics that contain medical
equipment, such as:
• Intensive care unit.
• Internal medicine clinic.
• Dental clinic.
• Women’s health clinic.
In addition to non-medical equipment, such as:
Electrical appliances/water and sanitary ttings/furniture


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