Water Purication for Dialysis Devices


Standard systems

Model SP-HD3: 300 liters/hr surcient for )6( device.
Model SP-HD6: 600 liters/hr surcient for )12( device.

Special integrated systems for medical and industrial applications

Designs with dierent capacities and capabilities are executed according
to the results of water analysis and the needs of the client.


All systems remove impurities, dust and suspended materials, as well
as color, taste, odor,chlorine, calcium, magnesium and all the minerals
dissolved in water.

Main components of the system:

• A control unit that automatically operates round the clock.
• Tanks at the inlet and outlet.
• A sand lter to remove impurities, dust and suspended materials
from the water up to 50 microns.
• A carbon lter to absorb chlorine, color, taste and odor.
• A facilitator to remove calcium and magnesium by ionic exchange
down to the permitted rates.
• An osmosis device to remove the heavy minerals dissolved in the water.
• An infusion pump to achieve the required pressure for the system.

Optional accessories:

• An ultraviolet sterilization device to sterilize the water.
• A bacterial lter to remove bacteria up to 0.2 micron.
• Valves and connections for integration of the system.


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