• AOI incubators are compliant with Egyptian Specification 4940/2005
(safety requirements for baby incubators).
• they are certied for safety by European standards (CE0120 ).



L 115 cm, W 55 cm, H 135 cm. Weight 125 kg.

Mattress platform

e bed is 64 cm long and 36 cm wide and can be tilted at various angles as required.


• Easy access to the baby.
• e hood has six fully-transparent windows (with irises for opening as required).
• e incubator has a wide door that makes it possible to take X-ray pictures of the baby inside the incubator.

Air curtain

An air curtain is generated at the door of the hood upon opening to
maintain the temperature inside the hood.

Microcomputer control unit:

e incubator can be hooked up to a local computer network by optional
soware. Optional remote control is also available.
e display of the incubator allows for easy reading, even at a distance.

the following items can be measured and controlled:

• Temperature within the hood.
• Humidity within the hood.
• Skin temperature of the baby.

Silent operation:

• e noise level within the hood is below the value allowed by relevant standards.
• Opening and closing windows does not cause any noise.
• e noise level within the incubator is less than 60 db.


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