Wood Industries


Chipboard production line:

• Chipboard is produced from natural tree trunks )casuarina,
camphor, remnants of oak and beech and other materials( to resist
swelling and water absorption.
• Size: 183x250 cm or 183x366 cm, thickness from 6 to 38 mm.

Melamine-lamination line:

• is line is considered as one of the best lines in Egypt.
• It laminates many boards, such as chipboard and MDF )mediumdensity
ber(, with melamine.
• Dierent boards of various sizes are laminated with melamine, with
dimensions including:122x244 cm, 183x250 cm and 183x366 cm.
• e line’s capacity is 1,500 boards per day )3 shis(.

Wood furniture is produced for hotels, oces and homes, including:

• Bedroom suites, dining room-suites, sitting-room suites, saloon
suites, kitchen cabinets and bookcases.
• Miscellaneous separate units.
• Furniture for conference rooms.



Dierent sizes and thicknesses of:
• Nail-xed )oak,beech(.
• Glue-xed )oak, beech(.


• Mobica.
• Multi M Group.
• Sirowood.
• Wood & Plexi.
• Duravit.
• El Fatemia.


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