Water Sterilization Filters for Apartments and Buildings 



Potable water UV sterilization unit for apartments and buildings

Ultra-Violet sterilization is considered as the most ecient, eective and
safe sterilization technique for obtaining pure sterilized potable water
that is free from all kinds of harmful bacteria and germs.

Unit Components:

• The unit comprises a UV lamp inside a quartz tube, both encased in
a stainless-steel cylinder. When the unit is switched on,the water ows
through the annular space between the inner surface of the cylinder and
the outer surface of the quartz tube.
• e unit has a monitor lamp to indicate that the UV lamp has reached its
maximum intensity and is working with full eciency.
• e unit has a ceramic lter.

Specications of AQUA SAKR-2 lter for apartments

• Rate of sterile water: 2 liters per minute.
• UV lamp average operational life: 8,000 hr.
• Dimensions: 38 x 28 x 10 cm.
• Weight: 2 Kg.
• Power consumption:10 watts/hr )220 V/50 Hz(.


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