Electronic Electricity Meters


these meters are produced for electricity companies and have the following features:

• A non-volatile memory with a minimum retention period of 20 years.
• Anti-tamper design.
• Produced according to International Standard Specication IEC-1036.
• Produced in dierent models, as follows:
- Multi-function: active, reactive, max. load and power factor
measurements, anti-tamper.
- Multi-tari: real-time clock & calendar, up to 4 taris for up to 8
time zones per day, dierent taris for holidays.
- Pre-paid: complete system using Smart Cards.
• Automatic Meter Reading )AMR(: a complete system using electrical
cables to collect the readings directly at the electricity company
headquarters up to 6 times per day, which achieves energy control
and follow-up of energy consumption and loss. e system consists
of a central computer and collection units at cabinets.


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