Hydraulic Ladder Trucks for Fire-Fighting And Rescue



• e truck has a sliding ladder with a rotating base for re-ghting, rescue
and rapid evacuation from high buildings.
• e ladder comprises of 4 sliding segments on which the steps are xed. e
steps are made of high-quality steel.

Main movements of segments:

• All movements are executed by the hydraulic pump, including elevation,
extension and rotation.
• e movements of the ladder are quick and smooth, without any jerking or vibration.
• e ladder can perform more than two movements at the same time.

Rescue cage

A cage with a 180-kg payload is mounted at the top of the ladder to support
rescue and re-ghting missions.


For speedy evacuation of humans, the ladder is equipped with a li that can
carry two persons. e li aords the highest rate of evacuation of individuals.
e li brakes automatically if the wire is broken.

Mechanical movement control devices:

e ladder features a computer system that controls all its phases of operation,
so as to insure the highest degree of safety, in addition to troubleshooting.


e ladder has hydraulic outriggers that insure complete balance and full
safety during operation.

Fire-ghting equipment:

• e ladder has a re-ghting monitor that is operated from inside the cage.
• e ladder has a xed centrifugal re-extinguishing pump with a rate of not
less than 2,000 liters per min. e pump is tted with a preparatory device that
can draw water from a depth of 6 meters at a height of 3 meters in 28 seconds.
e truck can be tted with all rescue equipment as required. It can also be
mounted with a 37 or 55 meter ladder by using a suitable chassis.

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