Fire-fighting & Rescue Vehicles


Multipurpose Fire-ghting Vehicles

• Dierent types of re-ghting vehicles that suit all applications and
all re-ghting missions.
- Light re-ghting vehicles for rapid intervention.
- Medium re-ghting vehicles.
- Heavy re-ghting vehicles.
- Fire-ghting vehicles for airports.
• Equipped with Mercedes, IVECO and M.A.N chassis and engines.
• Fire-ghting equipment produced in cooperation with Rosenbauer
• Stainless steel re-extinguishing tanks with capacities up to 10,000 liters.
• All fire-fighting means )water, foam, powder( are available with
automatic mixing systems to adjust ratios of means to type of re.
• All of the needs of Egyptian Civil Defence, Armed Forces departments,
oil companies, local governments, airports and industrial
companies are fulll .

Heavy, Medium and Light Rescue Vehicles

Equipped with main rescue tools (rams, hydraulic cutters, spotlights,
air cushions, rear winches, road warning and blocking signs,
cameras,generators) .

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