Grain Handling Equipment

1- Grain Conveyor

• For all grains )corn, wheat,barley, sesame(.
• For loading and unloading of ships and grain and container carriers.
Maximum conveying capacity ranges from 100 to 250 tons/hr under optimal
conditions. Conveying is done by vacuuming, pressurization or both.


• Rigid chassis made of steel sectors and mounted on four wheels, with
tow-bar and steering mechanism on the front axle.
• Compressor designed for heavy duty, longer service life and high conveying
rates .
• Statically- and dynamically-balanced revolving internal part for best
performance, mounted on seats with enforced lubrication for heavy duty.
• Air regulator for preventing engine overload and keeping fuel consumption
at a minimum, coupled with user-friendly operation and maintenance.
• Cyclone for separating the conveyed solid materials from the air that can
rotate 360 degrees with the least strain to face the grain inlet, aording
higher transfer rates.
• Outer coating and surface treatment of conveyor components insure protection
against the weather conditions.


• Deployable to piers in ports.
• All spare parts are available because they are manufactured locally.
• High maneuverability inside ships during unloading.

2- Grain Hopper For Ports


- Max. capacity: 30 tons.
- Dimensions )m(: L 4.5 x W 4 x H 12.
- Wheeled for easy movement in ports.
- Equipped with dust separation system.
Can be used for intermediate storage between pneumatic grain
conveyors and trucks, eliminating the need to stop the hopper during
the exchange of trucks.

3- Dust Separator


- Dimensions )m(: L 2 x W 1 x H 2.5.
- 7.5 KW blower.
- PLC unit that controls the operation of 11 solenoid valves and is
equipped with 10 bar, 4 kw compressor.
Installed in hoppers to control the dust resulting from unloading.
Also used in workshops to ltrate the air resulting from particleproducing
processes such as grinding.


• General Company for Silos & Storage.
• Africa Company for Silos & Storage.
• Alexandria Company for Silos & Storage.
• Container handling companies.

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